Painted Chevron Barn Door


Painted Chevron Barn Door Features:

Beautiful interior painted chevron barn door – hand made and painted.  Customers enjoy a simplified shopping experience due to all hardware included in price.  Gives all the benefits of a sliding barn door but with the contemporary/modern clean look you desire.

Size:  84 inches tall,  42 inches wide,  2 inches thick (fits a door opening of 40 inches measured from outside of trim/casing to outside of trim/casing)

Customers can request a custom size, style, stain, wood, or paint.  Please contact us for details.

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Benefits of the Barn Door:

  • Space Saver – Sliding doors are most popular for their ability to save space in the home or office setting.  There is no longer a door arc, as a result, it uses less space.  Barn doors simply slide along a track rather than swinging open and closed.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Our barn doors are constructed from real wood; hence, a durable, naturally renewable, and most of all an eco-friendly resource.
  • Style – In addition to the ability to incorporate barn doors well with most architectural styles, they are also pleasing to the eye and extremely functional.