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  • Slat Wall Panels - 1" Slats

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    These Slat Wall Panels offer an easy, stylish way to add texture to any wall. With wooden walls providing warmth and a natural look, our panels have a slatted design with a sleek modern edge to blend into any décor. Our panels are easy to install and customizable to your size and color.


    - Unfinished MDF = raw, requires a primer before painting.

    - Primed White MDF = pre-primed with a water based white primer, ready for you to paint.

    - Unfinished White Oak = ready for stain and/or clear coat.

    - Unfinished Birch = ready for stain and/or clear coat.

    Wood grain and color may vary due to natural wood characteristics.

    Use a construction glue/grab adhesive or nail wall panels directly into the wall studs. Fill seams with caulk (for our primed MDF) or wood filler (for wood paneling). Can be used on both walls and ceilings for residential or commercial use.

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    Lead Time: 1-2 weeks for mdf. 4-6 weeks for white oak/birch.

    Slat Wall Panels - 1" Slats